CCP Technologies Ltd. specialises in Internet of Things (IoT) product development and product management. We are an Australian company with a global market.

IoT is a term used to describe a network of multiple devices (e.g. computers, smartphones, sensors and diverse equipment) connected via the Internet. Researchers suggest that linking the physical and digital worlds could generate up to $11.1 trillion a year in economic value by 2025.

Business-to- business solutions are predicted to capture the most value—nearly 70 per cent. Estimates indicate there’ll be 30 billion devices connected by 2020. CCP Technologies Ltd. assists customers to create IoT solutions by providing hardware, firmware and software development services.

Our product development team is based in Bengaluru (Bangalore) - the centre of India’s high-tech industry. We successfully complete projects by leveraging our team’s IoT hardware design, firmware and software development expertise; and we harness the capability of our hardware manufacture supply chain partners. As a turnkey solutions provider, we support the entire product life-cycle process - from concept to creation, and ongoing product management.

CCP Technologies Ltd. has built its own business-to-business hardware and software solution, which provides customers with a critical control point monitoring platform.

Monitoring control points such as temperature and energy consumption drives efficiency and protects the reputation of businesses. To underpin food safety, the CCP solution is being used to measure, monitor and report the temperature of fridges in hospitals, grocery stores, food wholesalers, food retailers and major hotels. For more details visit: www.ccp-network.com

If you would like more information on developing your cost-effective IoT solution, please contact us.