• Setting and reviewing

- vision
- goals (short, medium and long term)
- strategy

  • Approving the annual strategic plan and major operating plans
  • Approving the annual budget (and long term budget)
  • Reviewing and providing feedback on the performance of the CEO and CFO/Company Secretary
  • Reviewing the performance of the Board, the individual Directors and the committees
  • Reviewing/approving the full-year financial statements and reports and profit announcement, and where relevant, the dividend announcement
  • Approving the annual report and notice of AGM.


  • Reviewing/approving the half-year financial statements and reports and profit and dividend announcement.


  • Reviewing performance of the company in meeting objectives, including presentations on key areas for success, as determined by the Board.
  • Consider reports and recommendations from committees.

Ad Hoc

    • Determine all policies governing the company and ensuring that adequate procedures are in place to manage the identified risks.
    • Appointing and approving the terms and conditions of appointment of the CEO and CFO/Company Secretary through the remuneration committee
    • Endorsing the terms and conditions of other senior executives reporting to the CEO through the remuneration committee
    • Establish and determine powers and functions of committees and reviewing those powers and functions annually or as circumstances demand
    • Approving

- setting authority levels for acquisitions and disposals of property, plant and equipment
- setting authority levels for operational expenditure outside the budget
- mergers, acquisitions and disposals of companies, businesses and major products
- leases, in excess of 1 year
- sale/licensing of trade marks, patents

  • Ensuring procedures in place so that the sharemarket is promptly and adequately informed of all material matters