On the 2018 Melbourne Cup weekend, a freezer door left open nearly caused disaster at The Park Melbourne. Thanks to CCP, the executive chef received an alert notification which saved the day and $13,000 worth of food.

Australian Venue Co is using the CCP solution to continuously monitor refrigeration.

Dylan Kemp, Executive Chef at Australian Venue Co said,

“Over the hectic 2018 Melbourne Cup weekend, a freezer door was accidentally left open by staff at The Park Melbourne. When I received an alert notification from CCP, I checked the temperature graph on my mobile phone and realised we had a problem. With a wedding function on, I went in early and saved $13,000 worth of food. More importantly, the incident didn’t affect food service for the wedding.”

Michael White, Chief Executive Officer at CCP said,

“In professional food businesses such as the events and function centres, food service is heavily reliant on equipment operating correctly, particularly fridges and freezers. Like our other customer’s, Australian Venue Co is using CCP to strengthen food safety and reduce business risk.”

Based on data CCP has captured, 4.9% of refrigerated coolers and freezers in businesses will suffer a complete failure each year. Automated continuous monitoring of refrigeration is a far better approach than out-of-date data loggers and error-prone manual checks

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