Key Patent Granted in Canada

Key patent for Agenix’s ThromboView® granted in Canada

MELBOURNE, Australia 16 January 2014: Agenix is pleased to announce that it has been granted a key patent in Canada. The patent for “Humanised antibodies derived from DD- 3B6/22, specific for the D-Dimer fragment of Fibrin” is the basis of the company’s lead diagnostic product, ThromboView®.

Agenix Executive Chairman, Nick Weston said: “The grant of this key patent is a significant milestone as this now completes all applications for patents in key proposed markets for ThromboView®. This Canadian patent strengthens the commercial value of the company’s portfolio of patents already obtained in the EU, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and China.”

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About Agenix

Agenix has taken successfully from laboratory to global commercialisation then commercial exit more than 20 products over four technology platforms since listing on the Australian Securities Exchange in 1987. Today, Agenix is focused on the commercialisation of innovative monoclonal antibody blood clot diagnostics, rapid point of need diagnostics and small molecule drugs for the treatment of hepatitis B and other serious diseases. Agenix’s most advanced diagnostic candidate, ThromboView®, a novel radio-labelled monoclonal antibody imaging agent, has completed two Phase 2 clinical trials, and is ideal to diagnose patients indicated for suspected acute pulmonary embolism (PE), with a positive D-dimer blood test or moderate to high pre-test probability of PE, as a replacement diagnostic test for patients with suspected PE where V/Q scans are a first line choice and are unlikely to deliver a diagnostic result, as a confirmatory diagnostic where CT is used as a first-line diagnostic test, the scan result is negative and the clinical probability of disease is high or moderate and as a replacement diagnostic where CTPA is an inappropriate choice based on radiation exposure, renal impairment or contrast allergy. Agenix owns all the patent rights to ThromboView®.

Agenix’s human health diagnostics platform, DiagnostIQ® is a patented disposable test device for use with multiple sample types at point-of-care. DiagnostIQ® utilises an antibody/antigen printed membrane, a unique pre-filter device and an incubation chamber in a vertical flow through format to create a sensitive and quantitative, rapid, multi-analyte test. The patented technology provides the potential for point-of-need testing that is simple and quick to use, gives rapid and accurate results. In collaboration with Scotland’s Arrayjet, Agenix is developing the technology into a microarray platform.

Agenix has entered into a binding terms sheet to divest AGX 1009, a next-generation reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NtRTI) prodrug of tenofovir, for USD$2 million. AGX-1009 has recently completed preclinical studies in China. In August 2010, Agenix entered into a collaborative partnership with the Institute of Medicinal Biotechnology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, part of the Ministry of Health to purchase AGX 1009 and preclinical work was conducted in Beijing, China by the Institute of Pharmacology and Toxicology of the Academy of Military Medical Sciences.